Child Gordon

b. 1762
     Child Gordon was christened in 1762 in New Jersey. Child Gordon was the child of Charles Gordon and Catherine Morford.

Jane Gordon

b. 17 April 1757
     Jane Gordon was christened on 17 April 1757 in New Jersey. She was the daughter of Jonathan Rhea Gordon and Margaret Cole.

John Yatman

     John Yatman married Margaret Gordon, daughter of Peter Gordon and Elizabeth Rhea.1


  1. [S19] William S. Hornor, This Old Monmouth of Ours (Cottonport: Polyanthos, reprint 1974), Page 251. Hereinafter cited as This Old Monmouth.

David Rhea

b. 1697, d. 1787
     David Rhea was born in 1697. He was the son of Robert Rhea and Janet Hampton. David Rhea died in 1787.

Child of David Rhea

Robert Rhea

b. 1725, d. 1777
     Robert Rhea was born in 1725. He was the son of David Rhea. Robert Rhea died in 1777.

Jane Van Dyke

     Jane Van Dyke married John Barclay, son of John Barclay and Katherine Gordon, in 1763.

Mary Barnes

     Mary Barnes was the daughter of Horace Barnes and Rachel Stout.

James Johnston

b. between 1540 and 1565
     James Johnston was born between 1540 and 1565.

Child of James Johnston