Family Tree Pages

These pages contain the results of my genealogy research. The surnames that have been most heavily researched include Gordon, Quaintance, Stout, Darnall and Robey. For more information and stories about the history of these families, see my main Family History website.

Please feel free to use the email link at the bottom of every page to contact me with any questions or information that you might have. I always respond to genealogy inquiries.

These pages were generated from the information in my genealogical database, maintained with The Master Genealogist PC software program. A program called SecondSite was used to extract the data and generate this set of web pages. Depending on what site you are viewing this on, not all of the data is available. Specifically, all living and probable living persons are excluded from any data that is presented on a public web site. If you are viewing this from a CD-ROM that was distributed to family members, then everyone in the database is visible.

  • Picture  Indicates that a photo is available for this person.
  • Direct Ancestor  Indicates that this person is one of my direct ancestors.