Family History Photo Album

This page contains links to a number of photo albums containing many of the pictures that I have inherited, taken during my genealogy studies, or have been sent by other relatives and researchers.

To make it easier to arrange such a large number of photos, I used a photo album utility program to generate the pages. This technique leads to some compromises in the way that they look and work, but it is the best solution at this time.

On each page, you will get a set of thumbnails in the left-hand pane, along with descriptions of the picture. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size picture in the right pane. To go to the next page, use the arrows at the top of the left pane; if you click the arrows in the right-hand pane you can go through all the pictures, but you will not see the captions.


The following videos are a special feature, converted from old 8mm family movies that were taken as far back as the early 1930's. They are in the form of Flash videos that should play in any browser, provided you have the correct plug-in. The files are large, however, and are recommended for viewing only if you have a high-speed connection.

  • The Golf Pro - W. L. Gordon and A.C. Gordon, just for fun!
  • 1937 Flood - The worst Ohio River flood in the city's history
  • Family Vacation - A 1930s road trip from Cincinnati to Niagara Falls.