Robey Family History

Robey is an important name in my family history, mainly because it is the oldest line that can be continuously documented. I owe credit for this to Mr. William G. Robey, who did most of the work to create a database of over 40,000 people who can be traced back to a single progenitor in 15th-century England. The surname is variously spelled in its history as Roby, Robey, or Robie.

John ROBY was born in the town of Castle Donington in about 1452. His descendants generally stayed in that same area for a number of generations until one John ROBEY sailed for the New World about 1680 and settled in Charles Co., Maryland. He married Sarah Hines LUCKETT and had twelve children whose descendants form many of the branches of the Robey and related families in the U.S. today.

One of these children was Sarah ROBEY, who married Edward DARNALL in about 1703. Their descendants included Charles DARNALL, born in 1767, who eventually moved his family to Kentucky and established our line in that state. The distance from this writer back to John Roby spans some 15 generations - a long family history that we are very proud to know of.