Fleming County Photos

This gallery has photos taken in Fleming County, Kentucky, as well as those of people who primarily lived there.

  • Old Quaintance Cemetery
    This cemetery, located on a farm near Flemingsburg, has become almost completely overgrown since these pictures were taken in the mid-1990s.
  • "Little Eddin" Marker
    A child's marker in the old Quaintance cemetery.
  • Sabra (Southard) Quaintance Marker
    This marker is in the old Quaintance Family Cemetery, dating to 1832 when Sabra died in a cholera epidemic.
  • William Quaintance, 1785-1867
    The earliest ancestor for whom we have a photograph, and probably the oldest photograph itself.
  • Fort Meigs, Toledo, Ohio
    William Quaintance was said to have been "in northern Ohio" during his service in the War of 1812. It is possible that he spent some time at this major fortification that saw action against the British-Indian alliance.
  • William Quaintance Payroll Entry
    An entry for William Quaintance from the National Archives, showing his service in the War of 1812.
  • Brick Union Cemetery
    The cemetery near Flemingsburg in its unrestored state in the late 1990s. Some people who lived in the area all their lives had no idea there was a cemetery in among the trees and undergrowth.
  • Robert and Jane Armstrong Markers
    These were the markers as found in the uncleared Brick Union Cemetery.
  • Robert Armstrong Marker
    Dating to 1812, this is the oldest family-related marker that has been found in Fleming County.
  • Jane Jameson Marker
    Robert Armstrong's wife, this picture was taken after the clearing of Brick Union Cemetery.
  • Old Darnall House
    This house, no longer in existence, was occupied by Charles and/or Isaac Darnall when they first came to Fleming Co. in the 1820s.
  • Darnall Family Cemetery
    This cemetery is in a walled-off area on a farm off of the Elizaville Pike. Charles Darnall originally owned this land, which included the land on which the Quaintance house is located.
  • Charles Darnall Gravesite
    This gravesites of Charles and Martha Darnall in the family cemetery.
  • Charles Darnall Marker
    Charles Darnall's marker in the family cemetery.
  • Martha (Cunningham) Darnall Marker
    Darnall Family Cemetery.
  • Darnall Brothers
    From a story on the PBS website about a child of mixed race in the Darnall family of Maryland. No known relationship to our family, but an interesting story.
  • Thomas Darnall, 1799-1881
  • Lucinda (Armstrong) Darnall, 1806-1884
  • Thomas Darnall's Descendants
    It was the discovery of this picture that really set me on my course to genealogical research. Taken in the late 1860s in Flemingsburg, it features Thomas Darnall and his wife Marth in the center, surrounded by their children and grandchildren. The house in the picture no longer exists, having been destroyed in a fire.
  • Darnall and Quaintance Families, mid-1860s
    This closeup is extracted from the larger picture and shows Thomas and Lucinda Darnall with William S. Quaintance standing behind, his hand on Martha Cunningham Darnall's shoulder. Next to him is his daughter Grace. Also shown is "Aunt Marge", the family nanny and former slave.
  • Thomas Darnall and Siblings
    Taken at the same time as the other large picture, this shows Thomas along with his siblings and their spouses.
  • Eliza Jane Darnall, 1839-1886
  • John Thomas Darnall, 1841-1870
  • Flemingsburg High School, 1920s
  • Quaintance House, 1920s
  • Quaintance House and Farm, 1920s
  • Downtown Flemingsburg, late 1920s
    A good view of the county courthouse, which is still in use with few changes over the years.
  • Downtown Flemingsburg, late 1920s
  • Nanny Hull
    This picture of Nanny Hull was taken on the Quaintance farm.
  • Quaintance House
    The house, now beautifully restored, located along the road between Flemingsburg and Elizaville. This was in the family from the time it was built (probably in the 1850s) to about 1902. Three generations of the family lived here.
  • Quaintance House
    Another view of the restored house.
  • Sitting Room
    This is the sitting room in the Quaintance House, which has been restored with antiques to closely resemble what it might have looked like in the late 1800s.
  • Bedroom in Quaintance House
    This bedroom, nicely furnished by the present owners, might be the actual room where William Lewis Gordon was born in 1881.
  • Martha (Darnall) Quantance Bible Inscription
  • Flemingsburg Cemetery
    A view of the cemetery, with the Darnall, Quaintance, and Gordon grouping at the top of the hill.
  • Darnall Marker
    The Darnall-Quaintance marker in the Flemingsburg Cemetery.
  • Darnall-Quaintance Marker
    Closeup of the marker in the Flemingsburg Cemetery.
  • Ringo Cemetery Plaque
    This plaque notes the moving of the graves from the Ringo Family Cemetery to the Flemingsburg Cemetery in 1976. Grace (Rector) Quaintance's grave was moved at that time. She was not originally buried in the Quaintance cemetery due to her divorce from William when both were in their 80s.
  • Grace (Glasscock Rector) Quaintance, 1738-1832
    This marker, all but illegible now, was moved from its original location in the now-flooded Ringo Family Cemetery to the Flemingsburg Cemetery in the 1970s. Grace led an interesting life as shown in her entry in these pages.
  • Grace Quaintance's Scales
    The oldest family artifact in our possession, these scales were used by Grace (Rector) Quaintance to measure out medicine for her children as far back as the 1780s.
  • Lucy Grace Quaintance, 1853-1932
    Grace at a young age, before her marriage to Lewis Dixon Gordon.
  • Grace (Quaintance) Gordon
    Grace at a young age.
  • Grace (Quaintance) Gordon and Sons
    Grace along with sons Albert and William.
  • Lewis Dixon Gordon, 1842-1929
  • Lewis Dixon Gordon
    From an old tintype.
  • Lewis Dixon Gordon, 1842-1929
    Lewis Dixon Gordon at a young age.
  • Lewis D. and Grace Q. Gordon, 1900s
    This picture was probably taken between 1910 and 1920.
  • Lewis D. and Grace Q. Gordon
  • William and Albert Gordon
    This picture was taken in Lamar, Barton Co., Missouri in the late 1880s. The Lewis Dixon Gordon family lived there for several years in a joint venture with Peter A. Gordon and Samuel Smoot.
  • Nanny Hull, 1855-1932
    Nanny Hull was in indentured servant to the Gordon family in Flemingsburg, serving as a personal maid to Grace. She stayed with the family most of her life, eventually becoming more of a companion to Grace than a servant. She died just a few months after Grace died and is buried in the family plot.
  • Lewis Dixon Gordon Marker
    Next to Grace in the Flemingsburg Cemetery.
  • Grace Q. Gordon Marker
    Grace's marker in the Flemingsburg Cemetery.
  • Nanny Hull Marker
    Nanny died shortly after Grace and is buried beside her in the Flemingsburg Cemetery.
  • Peter Albert Gordon, 1844-1891
  • Peter Albert Gordon, 1844-1891
    Peter appears to have lived a fairly adventurous life, as can be read about in these pages. For example, this picture of him was taken in Denver, and we have no idea what he might have been doing there.
  • Peter Albert Gordon's Card
    This card shows Peter's membership in the "Knights Templar", a Masonic organization in Flemingsburg.
  • Peter Albert Gordon, Knight Templar
    This is Peter in full Masonic regalia.
  • Joseph Quaintance Marker
    Dressed up by the Sons of the Confederacy, this is believed to be the marker of John Quaintance, who died in Chambersburg, PA, following the battle of Gettysburg during the Confederate retreat. The name on the marker is W. H. Quaintance, a mistake probably confusing him with his father's name.
  • William Southard and Martha (Darnall) Quaintance
    Probably taken about 1900. Martha died in 1907 and William in 1908.
  • William Southard Quaintance Marker
  • Lucy Gordon Quaintance, 1891-1969
    One of the children of William Durrett Quaintance, the last Quaintances in the Kentucky line.
  • Elizabeth DeBell "Lizzie D" Quaintance, 1888-1985
    She was the last person in the Kentucky branch to bear the Quaintance name.
  • Elizabeth DeBell Quaintance, 1888-1985
    Lizzie Dee at an earlier age.
  • Mary Kenner (Dudley) Quaintance, 1862-1954
    Mother of Lizzie Dee Quaintance.
Old Quaintance Cemetery
Old Quaintance Cemetery
This cemetery, located on a farm near Flemingsburg, has become almost completely overgrown since these pictures were taken in the mid-1990s.