Quaintance Family History

William Quaintance
William Quaintance Jr. (1785 - 1867)

The Quaintances were the starting point for my genealogical research, mainly because of the excellent work done in the 1960s by Mr. Alfred M. Quaintance of Colorado. The entire Quaintance line in North America can be traced back to a William QUAINTANCE, born in about 1716, who probably came to these shores in the mid-1700's. Three of his sons went in different directions during the early expansion of the United States and founded the three main branches of the family. Our line is of the Virginia-Kentucky branch.

As of late 2016, a copy of Mr. Quaintance's work, Genealogy of the Quaintance Family in Virginia and Kentucky, 1719 to 1968, has been scanned into a searchable-text PDF file and is available for download using the link above. I hope it is of use to Quaintance researchers everywhere.

The Virginia-Kentucky line was founded by the William QUAINTANCE who was born in 1747 and later moved to Rappahannock Co., Virginia. William had two sons, William QUAINTANCE Jr. and John QUAINTANCE , who went with him in about 1800 when the family moved to Fleming Co., Kentucky. However, John later returned to Virginia to marry a woman that he knew there and founded the Virginia line of the family that continues down to this day.

William Jr. remained in Kentucky except for a time in 1814 when he was with a company of volunteers stationed in northern Ohio during the War of 1812. On returning, he married Sabra SOUTHARD and had about eight children with her until her death in 1833 during a cholera epidemic. Only two or three of his children survived into adulthood, which was not uncommon in those days. William Southard QUAINTANCE was his only surviving son.

Grace Quaintance
Grace Quaintance (1852 - 1932)

William Southard married Martha DARNALL, daughter of local businessman Thomas DARNALL, and later received the Darnall house and property west of Flemingsburg. This became the family abode for about the next 50 years, as it was larger and better situated than the old Quaintance farm. Their daughter, Grace Quaintance, married Lewis Dixon GORDON in 1877. Lewis and Grace moved into the Quaintance house and took over the farm as William moved into retirement. This arrangement continued until about 1901. At that time, the land and house were sold and William and Martha moved to Maysville, while Lewis and Grace moved to Cincinnati with their children.

Old Quaintance Home
Quaintance house near Flemingsburg

The Quaintances are notable for their advanced ages in a time when life was often curtailed by disease and accidents. William Quaintance Sr. lived to the age of 85, with his wife, Grace GLASSCOCK, living to 94, and his mother to 95. William Jr. died at age 82, and William Southard at 84. The last remaining person in the Kentucky line with the Quaintance name died in 1985.