Cincinnati Photos

This gallery has photos of people who lived primarily in the Cincinnati, Ohio area from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s. It concentrates on the Gordon and Rauber families.

  • Verena (Hunziger) Rauber (1843-1922)
  • Verena (Hunziger) Rauber and Children
    Verna with children Gertrude, Lydia, and Jacob. This picture was taken in Switzerland.
  • Jacob and Verena Rauber
    Jacob moved his family from Switzerland to Cincinnati in the late 1800s. He was a saddlemaker with a shop in the Price Hill district.
  • William Lewis Gordon (1881-1941)
    William at a young age.
  • Peter Albert Quaintance Gordon (1879-1947)
  • Gertrude Rauber and Friends
    This picture was probably taken about 1903. Gertrude is the one standing on the far right.
  • Early 1900s Picnic
    This was a picnic in the early 1900s where William Lewis Gordon and Gertrude Rauber first met, although neither of them are in this picture.
  • William and Gertrude
    Probably taken about 1905 (they were married in 1907).
  • Newlyweds
    William and Gertrude after their wedding in 1908.
  • Gertrude circa 1910
  • Gertrude circa 1910
  • Lydia Rauber (1876-1957)
    Lydia was an artist, working in oil paints.
  • Gertrude (Rauber) Gordon (1877-1966)
  • Gertrude (Rauber) Gordon
  • Gertrude Gordon and Baby Donald, 1908
  • Taylor and Retreat Street, Bellevue, KY
    William and Gertrude's house in 1910, where A C Gordon was born.
  • Gertrude Rauber
  • Cedric and Donald Gordon,1912
  • W L Gordon Family
    Taken at the Cincinnati Zoo in July, 1911. Cedric was about 1-1/2 years old.
  • 2812 Webster Ave, Covington, KY
    William and Gertrude's address in 1913
  • W. L. Gordon's Office
    William's office, probably in the 1910s.
  • The Family Car, 1916
    Gertrude (Rauber) Gordon with Donald and Cedric in the family's Ford Model T Touring Car. The license plate shows that this photo was taken in 1916.
  • Cedric and Donald Gordon, 1918
  • W. L. Gordon's Office
    This was his office, probably in the 1920s or 1930s.
  • William Lewis Gordon (1881-1941)
  • House on Oaklawn
    In the Oakley area of Cincinnati, this was the house of William and Gertrude Gordon for a number of years.
  • A. Cedric Gordon
    Cedric at a young age, going by the fashion.
  • Cedric Gordon's Office
    This was A. C. Gordon's office in the 1930s when he worked as a clerk for the Norfolk & Western Railroad.
  • 1938 Chevy
    Cedric Gordon and one of his first new cars: a 1938 Chevrolet.
  • Maxey Times Office
    Cedric as editor of the Camp Maxey Times newspaper, Paris, TX.
  • Cedric and Joyce's Wedding
    Cedric Gordon and Joyce Danenhauer at their marriage in Paris, TX, while Cedric was at Camp Maxey in 1944.
  • Christmas 1944
    Joyce (Danenhauer) Gordon, Margaret Ebenhack, Virginia (Ebenhack) Koch, Mathilda (Ebenhack) Danenhauer, and William Koch. Cedric Gordon was in the trenches at the Battle of the Bulge about this time.
  • Lydia Rauber and Robert Thompson
  • Cedric Gordon and Pup Tent
  • Somewhere in Europe
    Cedric Gordon with a Jeep and submachine gun.
  • Cedric Gordon, Soldier
    A pencil sketch made by another G.I. during the war.
  • On Guard Duty
    Cedric somewhere in Belgium or Germany, 1944-1945
  • Bronze Star Ceremony
    Cedric Gordon received a Bronze Star for bravery during the crossing of the Rhine River at Remagen.
  • Nuremburg, 1945
    The 99th Division was stationed near Nuremburg in the aftermath of the war. This is Cedric with a wartime buddy and another friend.
  • Battle Babies
    A booklet telling the story of the 99th Infantry Division in World War II.
  • Robert and Lydia (Rauber) Thompson
  • A. C. Gordon's Office
    Cedric's office at home in 1972.
  • J. C. Rauber Family
    Photo taken at their home in Fredericktown, Ohio.
Verena (Hunziger) Rauber (1843-1922)
Verena (Hunziger) Rauber (1843-1922)